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Portland Night Patrol Security Blog

Residential and commercial security in Dartmoor

Regardless of where we live and work, we all want to feel safe and secure in our own home and place of business. Dartmoor residents and business owners can do this by having a security system installed that will alert you and a security company to any unauthorised intruder. You may be concerned about the...
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Office security in Portland over the holidays

Christmas seems like just the start of a long-lasting season of holidays! With shut downs over the festive season followed quick on the heel by New Years Day, it’s only a few short weeks before Australia Day heralds another celebration and another holiday for many of us. But remember that while you and your staff...
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Christmas home alarm system installation in Portland

It’s the time of year when things are winding down at work and holiday plans are made. Do you plan on being on going away? Remember that thieves don’t take holidays – in fact the festive season is arguably the busiest time for crooks. We see a rise in the number of burglaries during this...
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Portland commercial security services

The Australian Security Industry Associated Limited (ASIAL) is the largest Association representing the security industry in Australia, representing almost 85 percent of the Australian security industry. ASIAL was established in 1969 to support its members and to promote industry standards and ensure the interests of the public are safeguarded when they deal with members of...
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Do you have the safest smoke alarm installed in your home?

In August 2011, Australia’s worst house fire took the lives of 11 people: three women, four teenagers and four children under the age of 10 from two families. The two-storey house was damaged to such an extent that the exact cause of the fire has not yet been determined nearly three years later. But regardless...
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Ensure you have the best commercial security in Portland

Even if you are located outside the larger metropolitan areas of Victoria, it is still vital to ensure that your business is adequately covered by insurance. Your business is your livelihood so you need to protect it. Depending on the type of business you have, there many different types of insurance to cover you. These...
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Crime Stoppers and residential security in Portland

We all want to feel safe in our home, and one of the ways we can do that is to work as a community and be alert to things that are happening in our neighbourhoods. If you notice anything suspicious, contact Crime Stoppers and help to tackle crime. Everyone can make a difference by speaking...
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Portland Night Patrol carries out CCTV installation

An internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera. IP cameras are becoming the new benchmark in surveillance when combined with closed circuit television (CCTV), creating a much more effective security system for your business or industrial site. The security industry is currently dominated by what are called analog cameras....
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Security guards for retail businesses in Hamilton

Some retail businesses find that the performance of their stores is seriously affected by shoplifting and internal theft costs. The Australian Retail Association states that retail theft forms part of the largest crime category in Australia, costing businesses more than $4 billion each year. This represents shrinkage to the value of between two and four...
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Crime statistics and security news for Victorian regions

Based in Portland, we provide security products and services to residents living in towns located on the south-west coast of Victoria including Dartmoor and Heywood. The Victoria Police news website is an excellent resource for Victorian residents as it has the latest news, statistics and tips from experienced police task-force workers. The saying goes that...
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