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Yearly Archive: 2015

Good home security in Portland keeps Christmas merry

While you’ve been out and about completing your Christmas shopping, thieves are shopping for free as they target homes across the state over the festive season. And that means it’s a great time to ramp up your home security in Portland to ensure no one steals away your Christmas spirit and possessions. While most of...
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Is your home security in Heywood up to scratch?

If you know thousands of people will hit your town for an annual event, it’s worth questioning whether your home security in Heywood is up to scratch before before the party begins. Heywood is three months away from its famed Wood, Wine and Roses Festival. The festival, in its 23rd year, will draw more than...
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Quality alarm system installation for your Heywood home

Everyone wants to feel safe in their castle, no matter where they live. And that’s why making sure you get the right alarm system installation for your Heywood home can increase your confidence and contentment within your own property. An effective alarm system can make a difference to your home’s security. A big one. So...
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PNP – experts in office security audits for Portland

Have you considered upgrading your office security in Portland before summer hits? Being an attractive coastal town, Portland’s population gets a big boost over the summer as people flock to enjoy a beachside holiday. With more people around, coupled with the fact that some businesses close for a Christmas break, means it’s important that your...
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Consider CCTV for your Portland business

If you are looking to upgrade security at your business, a CCTV system at your Portland premises might be just what you’re after to raise the level of protection even higher. At Portland Night Patrol our professional team can design a quality system for your business, regardless of how big or small it is. From...
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Is your garage part of your residential security system in Portland?

Have you ever assessed the value of the items you store in your garage? Perhaps you’ve got power tools, sporting equipment, the lawn mower, camping gear, surfboards and the all-important car stowed in the trusty garage. They’re part of your everyday life but are they covered by the residential security system at your Portland home?...
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Alarm system installation in Portland could lower your insurance costs

While alarm system installation at your Portland home or business can help reduce the risk of burglary or fire, did you know it can often reduce your insurance premiums too? Many insurers reward clients with premium discounts for protecting their properties with quality security systems. So if you are considering cloaking your home, office or...
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Tips when considering alarm system installation Portland-wide

Portland Night Patrol can perform a risk assessment on your home, providing you with vital information to allow you to decide what kind of system will best suit your individual needs. There are a number of factors you need to consider when working out what kind of home alarm and security system is best suited...
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Home security for Portland residents

A security system is a real deterrent to home burglaries, particularly a monitored home security system. This type of system can alert the security company if the alarm is activated, sending both you and the company an alert. A security guard can also be sent to your home if you are not there to check...
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Security guards over the holidays in Portland

Easter – a time for rest and relaxation, fun and food with family. It should not be a time to worry about work or your business. The Easter Bunny should have delivered enough chocolate to keep those endorphins elevated – the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals will have you feeling great! But what if you do have concerns...
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