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Alarm system installation in Portland could lower your insurance costs

While alarm system installation at your Portland home or business can help reduce the risk of burglary or fire, did you know it can often reduce your insurance premiums too?

Many insurers reward clients with premium discounts for protecting their properties with quality security systems. So if you are considering cloaking your home, office or commercial business with an extra layer of protection, it’s well worth having a conversation with your insurer to determine whether the upgrade translates into premium discounts too.

An effective alarm system reduces the risk of your property becoming a target for thieves or a victim of fire. That means you are less likely to make a home and contents claim. And that, in turn, is great news for your insurance company.

Portland Night Patrol has supplied and installed quality security alarms in homes and businesses across the region for years. Our experienced and professional team can advise you on the most suitable system for your situation, taking into account your requirements and your budget.

At Portland Night Patrol, we use and fit the effective and affordable Hills NX range of security alarms, which we can link to devices including smoke detectors, reed switches, passive infra red detectors, CCTV, duress buttons and access control.

We also offer round-the-clock alarm monitoring, maintenance and response services, giving clients not only greater protection, but greater peace of mind as well.

Despite an initial outlay, taking steps to better secure your property through alarm installation can actually save you money in the long term when it comes to premium costs. It can also help protect you from the heartache and upheaval of theft, property damage and fire and lets you rest easy knowing your loved ones, staff, property and possessions are safer.

Please contact us at Portland Night Patrol for more information about alarm system installation Portland for your home or business.