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Security products Portland Victoria

With more than 30 years in the security business, Portland Night Patrol Services know everything there is to know about security systems and alarm system installation. Tell us about your needs for home, industrial and commercial security and we will advise you on the security system that will best suit you and your budget.

  • Duress alarms
  • Door access systems
  • Static guards
  • CCTV cameras
  • Movement detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Pet detectors
  • Smoke and fire detectors
  • Intercoms
  • Electronic security systems.

While all security systems depend on movement detectors and report to an alarm cabinet, the most effective security systems report to a 24-hour monitoring centre with two-way communication.

Telephone dialler monitored systems

A telephone call is made to Portland Night Patrol Services control centre when the system is de-activated, activated or alarmed.

  • Weakness in system is reliance on phone system.
  • Control centre is not alerted if tampering occurs.
  • Telephone dialler is unable to provide continuous communication between security panel and control centre.
  • Not as reliable as radio and direct line systems.
  • Don’t provide ongoing information when triggered.

We recommend digital GPRS communication units for our clients who are outside the range of our radio system. When added to the telephone dialler, the unit becomes the primary source of communication and enables the security panel to report on/off reports and intrusion alarms without incurring phone call costs. Continual polling of the panel through the GPRS network ensures it has not been removed, if the primary communication is disrupted the GSM network becomes a backup, if that fails the normal telephone (PSTN) networks takes over. This is a great option for clients as it is cost effective, offers a high degree of security and requires minimal upgrade.

  • No telephone call costs – a telephone dialler makes a telephone call to our control centre whenever needed to inform Portland Night Patrol Services of an ‘event’. The average small business or home can have up to four entries and exits (events) per day which costs an average of $90 a quarter in phone calls.
  • Two-way communication – Depending on which option you choose the GPRS system is interrogated by our control centre every 90 seconds or hour. The system must answer or an alarm is generated. If a telephone dialler doesn’t have this upgrade it can’t be interrogated and if the phone line is inoperable the dialler can no longer communicate and the control centre will be unaware!

The telephone dialler system is suited to those who want to avoid the capital outlay, cable costs or are outside of radio range.

Audible alarm systems

Audible alarm systems use sirens and flashing lights to frighten offenders. While they are low in cost, they are easily tampered with and rely on neighbours or a passersby to alert authorities.

Contact us to arrange a free security assessment and we will come to your Portland home or business and advise you on the security systems and products that will provide you with maximum security.

More than security products – we also provide security services, such as CCTV installation and alarm system installation in Portland.

Electronic Security Systems

Portland Night Patrol Services have a huge range of electronic security services suitable for home security, commercial or industrial security in Portland. From small standalone alarm systems to multi-functional state-of-the-art Portland Night Patrol Services design, install and maintain electronic security systems for our Portland clients. Alarm monitoring systems CCTV Alarm systems Security system maintenance Access...
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