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What Portland Night Patrol Services offers

More than just security services for our Portland clients


A high-quality security system is a contributing factor to prevention of crime and, more importantly, prevents people from becoming victims of crime.

Peace of mind

Leave your premises secure in the knowledge that your premises and valuables are being constantly watched and protected by a qualified security team. This can be especially comforting with home security knowing that irreplaceable items such as heirlooms, photo albums and other personal items are safe and secure.

Duress alarms are ideal for people with disabilities or the elderly as they allow users more independence and bring great comfort to family members. Help is available at the push of a button. Talk to Portland Night Patrol Services about duress alarm system installation in Portland.

A local service

Whether for home, commercial or industrial security, Portland Night Patrol Services operates the only secure control centre in the Portland region. This enables us to offer you prompt security services and intruder response. As we have very low false alarm rates we can ensure prompt police action offering you a sense of security, less chance of loss or damage and less attendance costs.

Technical aspects

Portland Night Patrol Services security systems are installed to provide maximum coverage while not overwhelming the decor of your home or office. We provide high quality security services, security guards and products at your residential, commercial or industrial premises. Talk to us about alarm system installation, our low false alarm rate when compared to other security systems on the market is due to the advanced technology that we use.

Talk to your insurer – most companies will provide substantial discounts for properties that are adequately secured.

False alarms

The Sectrol System utilised by Portland Night Patrol Services is recognised by Victoria Police as the lowest false alarm in the State. Reasons for this include:

  • detailed information received by control centre when an alarm is activated
  • we install detectors on a multiple zone basis so that an unauthorised intruder would trigger two alarms, not one
  • the number of detectors we install.

A reduced false alarm rate means less attendances are required for the alarm system which reduces your overheads. In fact, our alarm rate is so low that we are able to guarantee no charge for false alarm attendances unless in the incidents of client error. Ask us about alarm system installation in Portland.


Portland Night Patrol Services relies on a monitoring centre that is located in Ballarat. The building has been custom-built for security monitoring and contains an administration area, manufacturing areas, a store room, installation offices, management offices, a warehouse and a research, development and monitoring centre.

  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to physical attack
  • Fully air conditioned and ventilated
  • Inside is not visible from the outside
  • Fire prevention equipment and emergency oxygen
  • Toilet facilities and meal preparation area
  • Standby and alternate power supply
  • Emergency exit and entry points
  • Intruder detection
  • Entry locking and release system
  • External security monitoring including duress alarm and dead man alarm
  • Voice recording equipment
  • Two different telecommunication systems
  • Recording and indicating equipment and records completed and maintained
  • 24 hour monitoring of security alarms.

Training and supervision

Staff at Portland Night Patrol Services must undergo police checks prior to employment and have completed extensive training as required by the new Private Security Act 2004 including:

Security Installers and Advisers

  • Private Security Individual Registration.

Monitoring Centre staff

  • Cert 2 in Security Operations (PRS20103)
  • Cert 3 in Control Room/Monitoring Station Operations (PRS30103)
  • First Aid Level 2.

Licence/Registration Renewals

Expiry dates of business and employee licence renewals are electronically recorded with staff notified a month in advance.

Make the most of the Portland Night Patrol Services advantage with a full range of security services, including CCTV installation and industrial security in Portland.