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Is your garage part of your residential security system in Portland?

Have you ever assessed the value of the items you store in your garage?

Perhaps you’ve got power tools, sporting equipment, the lawn mower, camping gear, surfboards and the all-important car stowed in the trusty garage. They’re part of your everyday life but are they covered by the residential security system at your Portland home?

Many people and even some security firms neglect to ensure the garage is connected to the house’s security system. But that connection makes sense, adding a welcome layer of protection to all those valuable goods that can be hot-ticket items for opportunistic thieves. No-one wants the money outlay, time and heartache of replacing stolen goods so beefing up your garage’s security reduces the risk of burglary and can save you from a stack of trouble.

Portland Night Patrol has the experience and knowledge to connect your garage to your residential security in Portland. We can advise you on the product that’s best for your individual situation and budget, install it, link it to your existing system and deliver higher protection to your home and peace of mind to you. And if you don’t have an existing system in your home, we can install one to protect your castle and your garage.

While locks have improved on overhead garage doors including tilt and roller doors, adding a reed switch and connecting it to your home’s security system takes it to another level. Reed switches, which operate magnetically, have two parts that fit either side of the door and activate on separation.

But it’s not just that central opening that’s of concern. If you have a normal door leading from the garage into your home, that can benefit from added security too. Our professional team at Portland Night Patrol can advise you about technology on offer that can help including passive infra red detectors.

There are also a few other things you can do to protect your garage. Make sure offenders can’t get a clear look at your possessions through a window. Consider a blind or window treatment to block their view. It might also be worth using motion detector lights.

And then there’s the number one rule – don’t leave your garage door up at night. That’s just an invitation to anyone walking by to check out your possessions.

Portland Night Patrol also offers a comprehensive monitoring of residential security systems from our sophisticated monitoring centre. And if an alarm activates, our team can provide an active response around the clock.

So if you want to make sure your garage is a fully-fledged part of your residential security in Portland, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.