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PNP – experts in office security audits for Portland

Have you considered upgrading your office security in Portland before summer hits?

Being an attractive coastal town, Portland’s population gets a big boost over the summer as people flock to enjoy a beachside holiday. With more people around, coupled with the fact that some businesses close for a Christmas break, means it’s important that your premises is well protected when it comes to security.

Just give us a call at Portland Night Patrol and we can carry out an office security audit to make sure you have adequate security systems in place over this busy period for Portland.

While tourism is a wonderful driver of business and great for Portland’s economy, the influx of people can heighten risk to your business, especially during public holiday closures.

So take action now and get your business well prepared on a security front to ensure your office, staff, equipment and other assets are protected.

Once our experienced and professional crew has carried out a thorough audit of your office security, we will then recommend a course of action. From supplying and installing a quality, user-friendly Hills NX security alarm system, to adding infra red beams on fences, door access control and CCTV cameras to your office space, we can add a welcome extra layer of protection. Smoke detectors wired for round-the-clock action and reed switches are great devices for office security too, especially during hours when your busines is closed.

While our audit is the first step, we can also advise you of our other services including monitoring, alarm response and mainteance for security systems.

Just remember, there’s no time like the present to get your workplace security in order for summer. Please contact us at Portland Night Patrol and let our team carry out an audit of your office security in this coastal town. It’s a great way to get a clear picture of the protection your business needs to stay secure over the holiday season.