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Portland business alarm systems deter school holiday thieves

School holidays are just around the corner and many people will take the chance to escape the cold and head off on a well-earned holiday.

With fewer people around, break-ins and theft can rise as offenders take a punt on premises being deserted. So take steps now to fit your Portland business with the right alarm systems, so your property remains protected whether you are at work or away having fun with your family.

Portland Night Patrol’s staff have years of experience when it comes to tailoring business alarm systems to clients, taking care to match them with a product that meets their needs and their budget. So talk to our professional staff about what you want when it comes to business security, let us do a site inspection and then we can recommend, install and monitor your business alarm system for maximum peace of mind. That way, whether you’ve knocked off from work for the night, or are resting on a beach in Queensland, you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that the business you’ve worked hard to build is cloaked in a great layer of protection.

The beauty about using Portland Night Patrol’s services lies not just in the quality of services delivered, but in the range. We can install Portland business alarm systems – we recommend the Hills NX range – for you, and they’ll be effective, reliable and very user-friendly. But the services don’t stop there. We can also monitor your system for any breaches at your premises from our sophisticated monitoring centre, round the clock, seven days a week. And if an alarm triggers, one of our qualified security guards can swiftly respond, attending your premises and taking necessary action to keep it safe. We can also maintain your alarm system at your request, ensuring it remains in top working order.

If you would like to know how our Portland business alarm systems can help keep your office, commercial or industrial premises safe during the approaching school holidays and beyond, please contact us at Portland Night Patrol. The holidays are only a few weeks away so don’t delay.