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Portland security guards protect local business over winter

With the sun setting earlier and earlier as the shortest day of the year looms, it’s not surprising that business owners begin to worry about greater opportunities for burglaries, thefts and break-ins at their premises.

Under the cover of darkness, offenders can gain confidence that their criminal activities will be concealed. That’s why clients turn to Portland Night Patrol to shine some light on their business when it comes to premises protection. Our Portland security guards offer peace of mind for business owners, with their presence and regular patrols a serious deterrent to opportunistic offenders.

Security guards offer many advantages. Our guards are licensed, highly trained and fully briefed to clients’ needs. While the sight of a uniform-wearing guard at a premises is enough to keep thieves away, the mere knowledge that a business is regularly patrolled is a warning in itself. A warning that many would-be offenders wisely heed.

We work with our clients to tailor the most appropriate manpower security to their budget and needs. From swift security-alarm response by our guards to routine mobile patrols, our Portland security guards step in to improve the security of your business. Mobile patrols carry out activities including checking doors and windows to ensure your property is secure, inspecting fence lines and on-site vehicles, carrying out staff escorts and taking care of the open and close of your business.

So if criminals embrace the darkness, get proactive to protect your business this winter. Contact us at Portland Night Patrol and ask how our Portland security guards can help keep your business safe from harm.