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Portland Night Patrol Security Blog

Portland Vic commercial security guards protecting local businesses

From retail stores to large office complexes, we provide commercial security guards for businesses in Portland, Victoria. The difference between Portland Night Patrol and a lot of other security providers is that we provide our clients with a team of local, highly qualified, and licensed security professionals. Whether you need a regular monitoring and patrol...
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Access Control Systems Portland, Victoria

3 Benefits of access control for Portland businesses

Portland Night Patrol has recently received an increase in the number of inquiries we’re getting for access control systems by Portland businesses. So why is the access control system becoming increasingly popular for businesses in a large variety of businesses? While a traditional lock and key system have served many businesses well for decades or...
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3 benefits of security guards for Portland Vic businesses

Portland Night Patrol has a team of highly qualified security guards in Portland, Victoria Whether it’s a shopping precinct, warehouse, office space, or any other type of business, our team of security patrols provides a comprehensive, reliable security service that local businesses can rely on. Having a physical security presence on-site is a high deterrent...
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Portland security guards

While security technology is constantly improving, our Portland security guards continue to stand strong when it comes to protection. Highly-trained and licensed guards provide that all-important physical presence for businesses of all sizes. When used in conjunction with modern alarm systems and CCTV systems, guards can add another layer of security and safety to your...
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Security tips for Portland businesses over the holidays

If you plan to close your business over the Christmas-New Year period, here are some practical tips on security Portland business owners can consider. At Portland Night Patrol, we know that tourists and visitors flock to the coastal town from across the state over the summer holidays. During this busy time the threat of theft,...
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Five home security tips in Portland

When it comes to home security residents can follow our five top tips to keep their protection levels high. These tips are: Have a reliable, modern and user-friendly alarm system to keep your whole family safe. The user-friendly factor is vital, because if it’s not simple to turn on and off, then people won’t use...
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Key features for Portland home security systems

If you want to invest in a Portland home security system for your residence, make sure it has the necessary features to give you quality protection. At Portland Night Patrol Services, we know that technology can play a huge role in keeping people safe. That’s why we’re happy to supply and install security systems such...
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Security specialists keeping Portland’s Victorian Government offices safe

Victorian Government bodies can’t afford to fall victim to vandals, thieves and burglars. And that’s why security specialists, such as Portland Night Patrol Services, advocate for high-quality government security systems to keep important information, staff and equipment secure. At Portland Night Patrol, we supply and install Hills NX systems that are ideal for government bodies....
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Keeping Portland families safe with residential alarm system installation

At Portland Night Patrol Services, we take the security of your family seriously. So when we carry out alarm system installation in Portland homes, we make sure the system in question is easy for the whole family to use. After all, what’s the use of outlaying hard-earned money on a security alarm that’s so difficult...
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