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Security specialists keeping Portland’s Victorian Government offices safe

Victorian Government bodies can’t afford to fall victim to vandals, thieves and burglars.

And that’s why security specialists, such as Portland Night Patrol Services, advocate for high-quality government security systems to keep important information, staff and equipment secure.

At Portland Night Patrol, we supply and install Hills NX systems that are ideal for government bodies. They’re easy to use, of high quality and can be connected to multiple other security systems. These are all key reasons to discuss the benefits of a Hills NX installation with our team.

From access control, which allows only authorised people to enter key parts of your building, to wired-in smoke detectors, CCTV and IP systems, reed switches, passive infra red beams and duress buttons, we can help.

Our security experts have you covered when it comes to professional advice, designing an appropriate security plan and installing a security system that best suits the government agency’s needs. It’s about keeping employees and clients safe, the building safe and important equipment and information secure.

Portland Night Patrol Services also offer a valuable 24/7 electronic alarm monitoring service that ensures government bodies get the around-the-clock surveillance they need.

If something does happen, then it’s important that an appropriate security response is swift. That’s why we provide government clients with a timely alarm response service for when alarms trigger. Clients can also ask us about our comprehensive maintenance service too, which keeps government security systems running effectively.

Just think of the important information that all levels of government hold in their offices that needs to remain secure. Then think of the staff that work there, the clients who attend these premises and the costly equipment that’s needed to make the working day run smoothly. All are valuable. All need to be protected.

Please contact the team at Portland Night Patrol Services today to find out more about our security services for government organisations.