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Five home security tips in Portland

When it comes to home security residents can follow our five top tips to keep their protection levels high.

These tips are:

  • Have a reliable, modern and user-friendly alarm system to keep your whole family safe. The user-friendly factor is vital, because if it’s not simple to turn on and off, then people won’t use it. We recommend the Hills NX line of home security alarms for versatility and ease of use;
  • Ensure your comprehensive security system includes other measures that connect in with your alarm, such as reed switches on windows, and passive infra-red detectors;
  • Make sure you have adequate locks on external doors and windows. Keep them locked at night or when you are away;
  • Have working smoke alarms at your residence and service them regularly to ensure their reliability;
  • And consider installing a CCTV camera system for added protection.

While our professional team at Portland Night Patrol is happy to help you improve your home security in Portland, there are other simple measures you can consider or tackle yourself. These include adding external sensor lights to your home and making sure bushes and trees are well trimmed so they don’t provide cover for would-be offenders.

For quality security Portland residents can trust our team for great advice, products and services. Please contact us for more information.