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Key features for Portland home security systems

If you want to invest in a Portland home security system for your residence, make sure it has the necessary features to give you quality protection.

At Portland Night Patrol Services, we know that technology can play a huge role in keeping people safe. That’s why we’re happy to supply and install security systems such as the Hills NX range in homes across the region.

Here are five key features every Portland home security system needs:

  1. Smoke alarm – hard wire them for round-the-clock operation. That way, whether your security system is on or off, the smoke detector is always on duty. Smoke detectors taste for smoke in the air and alert loudly so people can minimise damage and escape danger.
  2. Duress alarm – provides peace of mind that you can swiftly activate the alarm if you need assistance.
  3. Passive infrared detectors – another great device to add punch to your security alarm system. An intruder moving through the infrared beams will trigger the detectors, making the unwanted person’s presence known.
  4. Alarm monitoring – having security staff monitor your security system from a high-tech monitoring centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is a valuable security asset.
  5. Alarm responses – you want to know that security staff will provide a swift alarm response if your security system alerts to a problem.

Portland Night Patrol Services have been providing quality residential security across the region for years. Incorporating security measures such as the five key features we’ve listed go a long way to keeping people, their homes and their possessions safe.

If you would like to know more about the Portland home security system options we offer, please contact our team today.