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Keeping Portland families safe with residential alarm system installation

At Portland Night Patrol Services, we take the security of your family seriously.

So when we carry out alarm system installation in Portland homes, we make sure the system in question is easy for the whole family to use. After all, what’s the use of outlaying hard-earned money on a security alarm that’s so difficult to operate that no-one actually uses it for fear of getting it wrong.

We’re a practical bunch at PNPS. We know that ease of operation makes it much more likely that residents will use their new system effectively.

That’s why we supply and install the Hills NX range of residential security alarms because they get the job done and are easy to use. And that means we’re not wasting everyone’s time kitting out your home with a system that is simply too intimidating to touch.

Another benefit with the Hills NX line is their ability to link in with other security devices including reed switches, CCTV, duress buttons, passive infrared detectors and even smoke alarms.

It’s all about giving clients the best possible protection to keep them safe – and quality alarm system installation delivers the goods.

People seek a home security alarm for a variety of reasons. It’s about protecting family members from harm and  keeping assets and important items safe.  Perhaps a member of the household is away a lot and worries about family safety in their absence. Maybe someone in the residence has already been a victim of crime and is understandably anxious they’ll face another threat. Or are there threatening elements in nearby streets that have the home’s occupants worried?

For all these reasons, installing a security alarm can make a big difference in increasing protection levels.

Whether you are looking for peace of mind or have experienced crime in the past, you can rest assured a state-of-the-art alarm system will boost the security of your home.

For added security, Portland Night Patrols Services also offer clients a 24/7 alarms response service, and we have the capacity to monitor alarms around-the-clock from our sophisticated monitoring centre in regional Victoria if requested.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team if you would like to know more about alarm system installation and the other quality security services we offer.