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Portland security guards

Guards provide highly-effective physical presence for businesses

While security technology is constantly improving, our Portland security guards continue to stand strong when it comes to protection.

Highly-trained and licensed guards provide that all-important physical presence for businesses of all sizes. When used in conjunction with modern alarm systems and CCTV systems, guards can add another layer of security and safety to your business.

Whether you own a restaurant or bar, a retail store or a warehouse, Portland Night Patrol Services’ security guards provide a welcome manpower boost to help ensure your business’s assets and staff are properly protected. Their mere presence can deter offenders.

But exactly what sort of protection are you after from our Portland security guards? Well, we offer clients a large range of security packages to suit their needs and budget.

Perhaps you want a security guard based full time in your business. Are you after mobile patrols to keep an eye on your premises when the business is closed? What about staff escorts to ensure staff working at night get to their cars safely? Or do you want the reassurance of knowing a security guard will attend immediately if your security alarm triggers?

If you are searching for security guards in Portland willing to go the extra mile to protect your business, contact us today. Our team has years of experience in the security industry and we won’t let you down.