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CCTV installation for Portland businesses

The New Year is a great time to assess security at your business. Does it need beefing up and could CCTV installation at your Portland premises be the perfect way to keep it well protected?

At Portland Night Patrol we recognise the value of CCTV systems as part of an overall security package. We’ve years of experience designing such systems, customising them to each client’s needs and budget so their business remains secure and property safe.

From a handful of cameras to large-scale, sophisticated IP CCTV systems, we’ve got you covered. After a thorough on-site assessment and consultation, we can design a system and carry out CCTV installation in Portland that will monitor every part of your business that you deem necessary.

Closed Circuit TV works on several levels to protect your business, be it an office, a factory or a retail store. First, the simple fact that you have cameras watching over your business is enough to make any offender or troublemaker think twice about targeting your premises. Why would you, when you know your actions are going to be caught on camera for authorities to see?

If there’s a strong network of cameras, they can be virtually impossible to avoid and there’s also the benefit of enjoying remote access to these security `eyes’.

If you venture down the CCTV installation path, we can also link the system to the security alarm system at your business. It’s just another way of delivering improved protection for your business and better peace of mind for you. And both are worthwhile aims.

It’s also worth talking to us about using these surveillance cameras in conjunction with our other services including round-the-clock alarm monitoring, rapid response and maintenance services.

Please contact us at Portland Night Patrol if you would like more information about CCTV systems. When it comes to CCTV installation Portland clients trust for their businesses, we’re the experts and we will be happy to help you use this technology to protect your premises