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Great alarm system installation for Portland homes

It’s easy to put things off. But don’t go another year thinking `it won’t happen to me’ when it comes to your home being burgled. Take action in 2016 and organise alarm system installation for your Portland home.

It’s not hard to do. Just contact our experienced team at Portland Night Patrol and we’ll get the ball rolling. As experienced installers of alarm systems – we recommend the Hills NX range – we can walk you through the process, helping you find the right technology to suit not only your needs but your budget as well.

When it comes to an alarm system, it has to be extremely user friendly. If it’s not, people won’t use the system and that’s no help at all when it comes to protection for people and possessions.

So it’s important to get the right system from the start. Portland Night Patrol’s professional staff have years of knowledge in the security industry and can advise you on what will work for your home, your lifestyle and your bank balance. We can also link other devices to your home’s security network including reed switches that raise the alarm when windows and doors are opened as well as passive infrared detectors. You can also ask us about CCTV installation too.

Crime statistics reveal Victoria’s average burglary rate stands at one in 67 homes. That figure is higher in some areas, lower in others. But the bottom line is, who wants to add to those numbers?

When it comes to alarm system installation Portland clients trust our team to get the job done correctly. And after installing the system, we make sure you understand how it works and that you feel confident using it.

An alarm system is a great deterrent to would-be burglars and, when incorporated with devices including smoke detectors, can protect against other dangers including fire. Other benefits of alarm system installation include the potential to reduce home insurance costs and providing valuable peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

It’s not just quality alarm system installation Portland clients get when they turn to Portland Night Patrol for help. We also offer round-the-clock, seven-day-a-week alarm responses, tailoring our service range to your budget and home. We also offer alarm system monitoring from our state-of-the-art monitoring centre. Just ask us for more details.

If you think the time is right to take action when it comes to alarm system installation for your Portland home, then please contact us at Portland Night Patrol.