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Security guards for retail businesses in Hamilton

Some retail businesses find that the performance of their stores is seriously affected by shoplifting and internal theft costs. The Australian Retail Association states that retail theft forms part of the largest crime category in Australia, costing businesses more than $4 billion each year. This represents shrinkage to the value of between two and four percent in the sector as a result of an epidemic of professional shop stealing. If this is an issue for you, one proven approach to improve your store’s performance is to effectively manage losses. With retail shrink at a staggering level, you need to consider implementing preventative solutions to regain your sales profits.

In country towns as in larger cities, one solution to this problem is to engage security guards at your retail premises. The right security guards in Hamilton don’t just catch the crooks; they also deter shop theft, and enhance the customers’ shopping experience and store loyalty.

This store loyalty and sense of security extends to your regular staff. Keeping staff safe is one of the most important things an employer can offer. For those working into the evening, Hamilton security guards can provide a safe escort from place of work to each employee’s car.

If you have a retail store in country areas such as Hamilton, consider utilising our specially-trained security guards to ensure the well-being of customers, staff and your sales profits!