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Crime statistics and security news for Victorian regions

What’s happening at “My Place”


Based in Portland, we provide security products and services to residents living in towns located on the south-west coast of Victoria including Dartmoor and Heywood.

The Victoria Police news website is an excellent resource for Victorian residents as it has the latest news, statistics and tips from experienced police task-force workers. The saying goes that “knowledge is power”, and knowing what’s going on in your locality can help you to be more aware about current risks and crime trends.

One section on the Victoria Police website called “My Place” allows you to search the latest crime statistics in your area and/or compare with statistics Victoria-wide. We’ve found this to be a valuable resource to refer to as the statistics are updated every three months (more regularly than other sources).

Head to Victoria Police My Place and stay informed about local crime, what is being done by the Victoria Police to tackle crime and what you can do to stay safe.

Use the search function to find statistics for:

  • Portland – search post code 3305
  • Dartmoor and Heywood – search post code 3304

Overall, the summary of raw offences for post code 3305 showed a rise in each category from March 2013 to March 2014 and drug-related offences in particular had a major increase.

If you have questions about security products and services in Portland, Dartmoor and Heywood please contact us – we are security experts.