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Quality security services for Gorae homes

When it comes to keeping your home secure in Gorae, certain security services can make all the difference.

While quality locks on doors and windows are a great first step, why not let our experts at Portland Night Patrol outline ways to lift that level of protection even higher. After all, your home is your castle and you don’t want anyone breaching its walls when you are away.

And while Gorae, situated about 15 kilometres north west of Portland, may be a quiet rural community, we all know that no part of Australia is immune to crime.

A quality home alarm system that’s modern, easy to use and effective, can be a cornerstone when it comes to residential security. You need one that everyone in the household knows how to activate when they’re in bed or not at home.

At Portland Night Patrol, we’re happy to supply, install and maintain an alarm system for your home. But we know that our Gorae security services┬ácan include more than a security alarm.

Take the humble smoke detector. It adds a vital element of protection to your home and can save lives and prevent costly property damage with its presence. We wire in our smoke detectors so they’re on duty round the clock, even when your security alarm is turned off.

We can also talk you through the advantages of reed switches, which activate when windows and doors are opened, and duress buttons. The minute a duress button activates, our security guards can provide a rapid response to find out what is going on.

Our Gorae security services come to the fore if you have to go away for an extended period of time. Perhaps work will take you away for a month, or you’re packing up the family for an overseas holiday? Whatever the reason for your absence, having our monitoring service keeping a remote watch over your property while you’re away gives you peace of mind on your travels.

If you are keen to know more about our range of Gorae security services, contact us today. We can carry out a free assessment and tailor a home security package to suit your budget and your needs.