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Modern CCTV installation vital for Portland businesses

Having up to date security equipment is one of the most important elements of owning a business. Which is why Portland Night Patrol’s CCTV installation in Portland, Victoria, has become a go-to for businesses in the region.

Portland Night Patrol install CCTV systems for businesses both big and small, whether you need just the one camera or more than dozen, are team are efficient and capable of setting up high quality customised CCTV systems that suit the needs of your business.

Even if you already have CCTV installed, you should be checking it regularly to ensure it’s working properly and that the quality of the footage is clear, should you need it. As your CCTV system is fifty percent less effective if you are unable to identify offenders using the footage, as it simply acts as a deterrent and nothing more.

Meaning if a theft or other crime occurs on your property, it is unlikely any offender will be caught. The last thing any business owner needs is a burglary or attempted burglary to occur, only to find out that the offender cannot be identified due to the low quality of the footage.

And we’re not alone in our enthusiasm for high quality CCTV systems, with the Australian Government recommending CCTV as an effective method of keeping the public safe. If potential offenders see that you have high quality CCTV installed on the property, they’re much less likely to target your business.

As CCTV is such an important security element of your business you need to have a system you can trust, installed by the experts. Our team are experienced in CCTV installation in Portland Victoria for businesses of all kinds. Whether you have a large office complex or a warehouse that needs over a dozen cameras, or a small shopfront with only one or two – we have you covered.

Contact us to find out more about our CCTV systems and how they could make your business more secure.