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Our government security services include free security assessment

With security measures tightening around the world in the wake of terror threats, it’s a good time for government departments to consider a free security assessment from Portland Night Patrol.

Our experienced team provides a wide range of government security services to boost protection levels for government buildings, offices and departments in Portland and beyond. It’s all about keeping staff, information, equipment and property safe from potential harm at the hands of offenders.

So what can we do to beef up your building’s security? Well, it all starts with an on-site inspection. From there, after consultation, we can build a security plan for the premises in question and then anchor that security in place with quality technology.

Our government security services can include alarm system installation, comprehensive round-the-clock monitoring from our state-of-the art monitoring centre, maintenance and response units for government buildings.

Perhaps you need an alarm system that links with other security devices including reed switches and infra-red beams covering perimeter fences. Access control, which determines who enters through set doors, or even all doors, in the building is important while CCTV and IP systems are a real security asset.

You want a system that keeps unauthorised people locked out of areas they don’t belong. And you want to know – through alarms, monitoring and patrols – the minute there’s a hint of a problem so our qualified, licensed and knowledgeable security staff can react immediately to any emergency situation.

Homeowners and businesses can’t afford lax security nowadays. And it’s the same for all levels of government, with employees, property and data needing comprehensive protection within departments and offices.

When it comes to providing professional government security services, Portland Night Patrol has the experience to deliver a quality result. Please contact us for more information. You can also complete our free online government security assessment to get the process started.