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Join the party and increase your residential security in Portland

Portland knows how to throw a party. And its annual Upwelling Festival is a prime example – bringing together large crowds for a fun-filled time.

The October 29 festival, a great vehicle for showcasing the town’s eco-tourism attractions, celebrates the important Bonney Upwelling and draws many festival goers to the town.

While the free festival’s all about family fun and friendly celebration, organisers work hard to make sure the event is safe for everyone. So while everything’s running smoothly at the festival, are you confident your residential security in Portland is up to standard to protect your castle while you’re not home?

At Portland Night Patrol, we can work with you to find the best residential security solution for your property. One that suits your budget, your needs and your lifestyle. And that way, you’ll have peace of mind that your home’s well protected in your absence – leaving you free to join the fun whether it’s the Upwelling Festival, a holiday out of town or an overnight business trip interstate.

The upwelling is well worth celebrating. This natural ocean occurrence, which starts in spring and takes place over seven months, is extremely important to marine life. During the occurrence krill form large dense swarms and provide a veritable feast for marine animals including whales, seals, tuna, squid and sea birds.

While the sea creatures are enjoying themselves offshore, there’s plenty of action happening onshore too in the form of family entertainment, live music and markets at the festival. Other associated events over the same weekend including a large art show and a marathon also act as a magnet to visitors.

Portland is a wonderful town to call home. But, just like any other town or city in the state, it’s not immune to crime. That’s why it’s worth spending time to consider whether your home’s security is adequate. There’s lots you can do yourself to beef up security including installing external sensor lights and making sure you have quality locks on your doors and windows.

But our team can lift the protection bar even higher for you. We can come around and assess your home, then work with you to find a residential security plan that ticks all the boxes for you. Our experienced staff can install quality alarm systems to help keep offenders at bay. We recommend the Hills NX alarm range because these systems are easy to use, highly effective and can connect to other security devices including reed switches, passive infra-red detectors and CCTV systems.

Whether you’re after residential security alarm installation or a complete package of linked protection devices, our team will be able to supply and install the products you need. We also offer rapid alarm response and round-the-clock monitoring services for clients too.

If you are concerned about your residential security in Portland, please contact us at Portland Night Patrol and let our team boost your home protection and peace of mind.