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Does your Heywood business need CCTV installation?

When you work hard to build up your business, it pays to ensure it is well protected from a security point of view. A visible security presence can make a huge difference so why not consider whether your business in Heywood needs CCTV installation to keep offenders at bay.

Often the mere sight of CCTV cameras is enough to make would-be offenders change their mind about breaking into a premises. Cameras are a great deterrent. And that’s a win right there.

At Portland Night Patrol we know that Heywood CCTV installation can deliver the goods when it comes to extra protection. Our experienced team can carry out a site assessment of your business, design a custom CCTV system to suit your property, your needs and your budget and then professionally install it for you. Our systems can range from a handful of cameras up to big multiple IP CCTV set ups.

So why are Closed Circuit TV systems so good? Well, apart from the great deterrent value, they can also offer blanket coverage of your premises, depending on how many cameras you get installed. You might want them positioned near major entrances or spread right through your entire business. They can also be linked in to your security alarm system, playing an important role in a comprehensive security package protecting your property.

Other great bonuses with CCTV systems is their ability to allow remote viewing and provide police with key footage if offenders do manage to break in.

It’s also well worth asking our professional team about other products that can further enhance your property’s security, such as reed switches for doors and windows and passive infra-red detectors. We provide additional services including round-the-clock monitoring of security alarm systems and alarm response as well.

If you are interested in boosting security at your Heywood business with CCTV installation, please contact us at Portland Night Patrol for more information.