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Security Port Fairy

Security tips for your holiday home

Port Fairy is a coastal town in south-western Victoria, approximately 28 kilometres past Warrnambool.

Being a stunning beachside location, Port Fairy is a popular holiday destination, particularly in the summertime.

As with any popular beachside holiday-spot, there are many holiday homes to choose from available for rental.

Whilst your holiday home may enjoy a workout in the summer season, either by you and your family and friends, or holiday renters, it may go unoccupied for periods of time in the off-season.

Property is a major asset, so you want your holiday home to be protected year-round.

Portland Night Patrol services Port Fairy and can provide the following services:

  • 24 hour security monitoring;
  • CCTV installation;
  • Alarm system installation; and
  • Alarm maintenance programs.

CCTV and alarm systems act as deterrents to criminals, and in the unfortunate scenario that criminals do target your holiday house, these systems heighten the chance of catching them and holding them accountable.

Make sure when it comes time to vacate your holiday home, your alarm systems are in working order and turned on.

Another good idea to make your holiday home looked ‘lived in’ in the off-season is to leave some old shoes/beach towel out the front. A bright sensor light is also a good idea – so if anyone gets too close they will be highlighted!

Finally, home and contents insurance is always a good idea – in the event of a break-in your costs to repair damage/replace goods will be covered.

For security in Port Fairy, contact us.