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Keeping Your Holiday Home Secure

Having a Port Fairy holiday home is a luxury you want to enjoy whether it is on weekends, longer holidays throughout the year or simply whenever you want to get away from it all. One thing you don’t want is to turn up and find there has been a break-in or damage while you are away.

While you cannot be there all the time, you need to feel confident your holiday home is safe – and this needs to be done before anything happens.

Home security alarms are a great option for holiday homes. While they may not stop an intruder from entering the house, it is a deterrent and can minimise your loss. Burglars are more likely to target a home without a security alarm system than a house that has one. If an intruder does get inside the alarm is triggered and the noise from the siren or screamer usually sends them away.

A monitored alarm system reports back to a 24 hour manned monitoring station where movement and events can be monitored when the alarm is armed. A standalone security alarm does not have any backup other than neighbours or passersbys. These systems usually don’t have any ongoing costs and are a cheaper alternative to monitored alarm systems.

Don’t have your getaway spoiled – keep ahead of the game with Port Fairy alarm installation.