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Commercial security systems prove invaluable for Portland businesses

It’s impossible for businesses to 100% protect themselves from crime.

However, when things go wrong business owners are normally left feeling thankful that their commercial security systems can at least help police track down the offenders.

Portland RSL is one such example. Late last year the popular RSL unfortunately experienced an armed robbery, with a knife-wielding man stealing cash from the premises.

Luckily, the RSL had installed a CCTV system to keep a watchful eye on the premises. The CCTV system caught the offender on camera and Portland Criminal Investigation Unit detectives released the footage to the public. This led to the community helping police find and arrest the offender.

Without functioning commercial security systems Portland businesses may find themselves with no viable way of protecting their business or other businesses from crime in the future.

A high-quality, modern commercial security system also acts as a strong deterrent against crime, with many offenders unlikely to take the risk of committing a crime where they can be easily identified.

At Portland Night Patrol Services, we know that a well planned security system is a valuable asset for commercial and industrial businesses. Quality security alarms help protect stock, equipment, machinery, information and the premises from harm. They can also provide welcome protection for staff too, especially if they work outside normal business hours.

We recommend people use Hills NX security systems and we can connect in additional security measures including duress alarms, access control, smoke detectors, CCTV systems and passive infra red detectors.

All these security measures are designed to protect your business, your staff and your livelihood from risk of burglary, theft, vandalism and even fire.

We are happy to visit your premises, devise a security plan that meets your budget and needs, then supply and install all the necessary components to create a strong layer of protection for your business.

If you would like to know more about the range of commercial security systems on offer, please contact our experienced team at Portland Night Patrol Services today.