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Avoid being part of crime statistics with Portland CCTV

If you want extra protection at your home or business, ask us how installing CCTV can keep you from adding to crime statistics in Portland.

At Portland Night Patrol Services, we think sophisticated technology can play a key part in keeping your family, staff and material assets safe. And the Australian Institute of Criminology agrees, recommending CCTV as one of the most effective deterrent methods against theft.

Research shows that CCTV – closed circuit television – can work in several ways when it comes to crime prevention. Firstly, is is a clear deterrent to would-be offenders that they are being filmed and monitored. It is also a valuable tool when it comes to reducing and solving crime, helping police to identify suspects and rule out people during investigations. CCTV cameras also make communities feel safer.

Portland Night Patrol staff are experts when it comes to installing CCTV systems. We don’t want to see crime statistics in Portland going up, so we work hard to match businesses and home owners to the best CCTV systems for their circumstances.

It makes sense that any burglar looking to break into your residence or business would check to see whether there is a CCTV system in place. If you have a modern system installed by our security professionals that is likely to get a clear image of the offender, chances are the thief will move on to an easier target. They don’t want to get caught and you don’t want them near your premises.

Whether you want a small standalone system at the entrance to your property, or you’re seeking a major CCTV system with more than 16 cameras, our team can design, install and maintain it to high standards.

So don’t add to Portland crime statistics. Get prepared, get safe and get Portland Night Patrol to help. Please contact us for a no-obligation free quote.