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Alarm system installation for Portland offices

How well protected is your Portland office from burglars and vandals?

And can you afford to risk your expensive equipment, confidential information and even your employees’ safety by not placing a strong priority on security?

At Portland Night Patrol, we have more than 30 years of experience in providing the alarm system installation Portland clients rely on to blend in with office aesthetics while performing to a high standard. Today’s smart security products don’t have to be ugly and obtrusive, rather they’re understated and get the job done with quality technology and great design.

Whether you want an audible alarm system that scares away offenders with flashing lights and shrieking sirens or a more sophisticated one that incorporates an array of security devices including CCTV cameras, our team will talk with you about your office’s security needs and your budget and carry out a security audit at your premises. Then we’ll tailor an alarm system to suit your property and have it installed in no time.

And while there are many alarm systems on the market, we’re proud to supply the quality Hills NX range for their ease of use, versatility, affordability and round-the-clock protection.

Our experienced team can not only supply you with a security system and carry out alarm system installation in Portland, we can also connect it to a wide range of business alarms to lift your protection levels even higher. From smoke detectors to reed switches, which sound an alarm when windows and doors are breached, to duress buttons, passive infra-red detectors and CCTV systems with multiple cameras providing blanket vision of your office, we can ensure your business assets are well protected.

We also offer clients the option of 24/7 alarm-system monitoring by our high-tech regional monitoring centre. Other services include rapid alarm response and maintenance to keep your security system in sterling condition.

Burglars and vandals are more reluctant to target an office premises that’s got a quality alarm system, instead opting for soft options with lax security. With alarm system installation Portland business owners are taking a big step in protecting their staff, their property and their business premises from break in and theft.

Please contact us at Portland Night Patrol if you would like more information about security alarms, their installation and the important part they can play in office security.