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Boosting home security in Portland over the summer holidays

If you’re going away over the Christmas break, are you worried about your home security in Portland in your absence?

For some, the fear of what they’ll be returning home to can put a dampener on the annual holiday away with family. With empty houses often an easy target for offenders, it’s worth talking to our experienced crew at Portland Night Patrol about how to better protect your home over the festive season.

At Portland Night Patrol, we’ve been boosting security at residential homes across this great region for years, providing improved protection and peace of mind for our many clients.

If you want to do more to keep burglars and thieves from breaking into your home while you’re off enjoying a well-earned break, a good first step is to ask our team for advice and even a home security audit. We can design a security plan to suit your budget, ranging from a basic audible alarm system to a high-end security system that incorporates multiple CCTV cameras and other devices.

We also offer 24/7 alarm monitoring of home security systems from our sophisticated monitoring centre. And if an alarm triggers, we can provide swift alarm response by guards too. We carry out alarm system maintenance on request as well, ensuring your products continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

While our professional team can supply and install products to beef up your home security in Portland, there are simple actions you can take yourself to keep your castle safe while you’re away on a festive holiday. These actions include:

  • Ensuring your doors and windows are securely locked before you leave and your security alarm is switched on;
  • Installing exterior security lights;
  • Trimming any overhanging bushes and shrubs from the front of your home so there’s less cover for offenders to hide behind;
  • Getting a friend to regularly clear junk mail, newspapers and letters from your mail box;
  • Organising for your rubbish bins to be brought in and, if you’re away for several weeks, for your front lawn and nature strip to be mowed;
  • And not announcing your departure date and length of holiday on social media including Facebook That’s just asking for trouble.

When it comes to quality home security Portland residents rely on our team for great results. Please contact us at Portland Night Patrol for more information.