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Christmas home alarm system installation in Portland

Remember that thieves don’t take a holiday!

It’s the time of year when things are winding down at work and holiday plans are made. Do you plan on being on going away? Remember that thieves don’t take holidays – in fact the festive season is arguably the busiest time for crooks. We see a rise in the number of burglaries during this time of year with homes more likely to be left unattended. This could be just for the evening when you’re out at a Christmas party or for days or weeks at a time when an extended break away is on the agenda.

If you’re going to be away at all during Christmas and the new year you really need to ensure your home and belongings are safe. It’s not too late for an alarm system installation in Portland and district.

Burglars know that Christmas is a time when people are shopping for the latest gadgets and expensive technology for their loved ones and most homes will have a selection of goodies ready for opening on Christmas morning. Portland Night Patrol offer a few tips to help keep your home safe over the festive season.

Don’t leave presents on show

While it’s lovely to pop your presents out on display under the tree, think twice if your tree is near a window. It really is an open invitation for burglars who may be checking out your neighbourhood.

Don’t leave branded packaging lying around outside

This is like advertising what is available inside your home! Big screen TV boxes, desktop computers, IPad packaging – if you leave these next to the rubbish bins you may as well have a flashing sign for cunning thieves. If you can’t fit bulky packaging in to the bin, break it into smaller pieces, store out of sight and get rid of it in smaller amounts over the weeks.

Leave lighting on, especially sensor lighting

Lighting makes it more difficult for burglars to move about undetected.

Don’t leave your shopping on show in the car

Ensure that any shopping is tucked safely away in the boot of your car and not just sitting in full view on the seat. Thieves also frequent the shopping mall!

Online shopping delivery

We all love to take advantage of online shopping and delivery. It really does take a lot of the stress out of shopping for gifts. However make sure that you’re going to be home during the delivery window. If you’re not going to be home, think about having your items delivered to your work address.

Turn on your alarm even if you leave home for short periods

An effective home alarm system is designed to firstly deter any burglars, and secondly will alert you to anyone who is trying to enter your home. If you don’t already one at your home, contact us here at Portland Night Patrol. With professional alarm system installation Portland-wide, we will ensure your home is protected over the Christmas and summer holidays