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Security Hamilton

The security concerns of those residing in country areas may not be as extensive as those in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, but they exist all the same. A home alarm system gives you and your family peace of mind knowing you, your family and your possessions are well protected.

At Portland Night Patrol we can supply and install the Hills NX line of home Hamilton security alarms that are easy to use, simple in design and able to be connected to a range of home security system components, including:

  • Reed switches – these are a popular choice for home alarm Hamilton security systems. Reed switches are magnetically operated with two parts fitted to either side of a door or window. If the two parts are separated when a door or window is opened, an alarm is activated.
  • Passive infrared detectors (PIR) – PIRs can be used as a house alarm system that detects movement or rapid change of temperature caused by body heat passing through the infrared detector beams.
  • Smoke detectors – Wired for 24 hour operation, even when the home security systems are switched off, these smoke detectors constantly sample the air and if smoke is detected an alarm is activated to alert all occupants to quickly evacuate the house.
  • Duress buttons – When the button is activated, an alarm is also activated and Portland Night Patrol Services provides alarm responses.

Did you know we also offer a home Hamilton security alarm system maintenance program? Alarm system maintenance is the best way to ensure that your home security system is working at its optimum capacity.

For all of your Hamilton security concerns and needs, contact us.